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yoast seo plugin 16 Jan

Yoast SEO Optimization Plugin


Yoast SEO is a SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION(SEO) Plugin for WordPress. It lets you easily add SEO titles and description to all posts and pages on your website. You can also use it to add metadata and social media images to your articles. Yoast plugin is mostly used in the world and the contain 50 lacks of regular updates. Used in Yoast to optimize the port in the WordPress.

Yoast SEO Plugin

In Plugin they contain different types of indicates. The indicator is green color its optimize is very clearly and good.

. In SEO Plugin focusing keyword should be given to make the indicators in green

. If it is not optimized, it will be red color

. They yellow color means it is partially optimized

. If the indicator is in dark color as well as the focusing key word is not given the Yoast SEO Plugin is not ON

. If it is given as not to do Crawl, the Yoast SEO indicator will be in blue color

How to make the indicators in green color?

. To make the indicators in green color increase the SEO title Width

. Give the Key phrase as title

. The text length count should be more than 300 words

. Previous key phrase are again used

. The end of the meta description length end will be 1024

. The key phrase length should be in medium length

. Key phrase in introduction

. Internal links means other links in our site. The links in our website it will increase the page visit

. Image to optimize

. Image key phrase To give the all image file name

. Out bound link is a link from your website to a different website

. If you how you have used your focus key phrase in your URL( In publish port the URL changing is not good)

. By adding your key phrase in sub heading

. When people use that term you want them to find your pagr

. Key phrase density is the number of times your focus key phrase occurs in your copy compared to the total text of that page.

Yoast SEO Plugin