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Facebook – The Unique Platform for Social Media Marketing

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook is the widely used social media with over 2.07 billion monthly users as on Q3 2017. The important point is that Facebook is not confined to creating a platform for building social connections. Gone are the days when you would use Facebook for finding out lost friends or connections across the globe. Today Facebook opens your doors to new world where you have opportunities as a thought leader, pioneer businessman or a marketer. Facebook broadens your horizon and enhance your access to wider audience pool, focuses on your target audiences and targets your products and services to multiple audiences. By utilizing the Facebook Social Media Marketing in best way you can leverage your target audiences and prevent your efforts from going in vain.

Here are mentioned some check points that you can consider while deploying Facebook Social Media Marketing.

KISS: Keep it simple and social

It is essential for you to remember that Facebook Social Media Marketing is a platform to discuss social media talks, the light, ambience and vibes adds to the fun quotient. You can harm the marketing efforts of your product by using Facebook page as traditional or conventional online e-commerce shop or online shopping space.  So be a little cautious! Make your Facebook Social Media Marketing presence more light and social. Get good and favourable reviews from your loyal customers. You can attract people by online contests, quizzes, giveaways, etc. Customer’s questions can be answered because the more the dialogue and talks are with the customers, the better is the probability of your product’s success becomes. Success becomes easily attainable and achievable!  

Visual appeal goes a long way

Social Media

We all are aware that visual impact goes far beyond any other appeal. Use the visual element in Facebook that is its Unique Selling Point. You can augment with testimonials and video ads from your valuable customers.  You can even post happy pictures of gratifying customers, post a beautiful picture of your product positioned beautifully. This will draw everyone’s attention to your product and will not make your product boring or droning. Addition of visual appeal to your product will definitely ensure success to your venture and will help you hit the market in the bull’s eye. 

Analyze and internalize

You can track the development and progress of your marketing efforts and can assess with clarity the gains and losses. It therefore is important to use Facebook page insights for knowing the tastes and interests of your audiences. You can even locate what was wrong or inappropriate with a particular post and can rectify and make sustainable efforts to avoid the repetition of the mistake.

Having a clear and defined goal is vital for marketers as it is helpful in keeping a viable social media strategy intact. By placing themselves on the social platform on World Wide Web, the marketers can collect and make a good fan base that will be beneficial in long profitable business venture. The final line is that use social media properly and reap long term benefits and build a sustainable and reliable customer force.

11 SEO Stats that every Online Marketer needs to Know

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuously evolving industry. SEO is fun, but the challenge is you need to keep pace with whatever that’s happening here. An SEO trick or tip that was hot and trending last month or year may becoming a spamming one now or may get obsolete today. If you are a digital marketer or if your business is relying on the clicks you get from a search engine, then you will definitely have to stay updated with the latest  trends in SEO if you want to be ahead in the game. Here, we give you certain statistics about online searches or SEO Stats that you can’t ignore if you want to be on top in Google.what-new-in-seo-today

SEO Stats That You Need to Know as a Digital Marketer

Search engine rankings rely much on the relevant content that has high quality, editorially given links from credible sources, with a good anchor text. But what really matters is concentrating on the select audience- the audience you want and that’s related to your niche.

Check out these fascinating stats that would simply make anyone invest and spend time in SEO for their business:

1. 93% of the online experiences begin with a Google search

Considering that there are over 2 billion people online (that’s more than 40% of the world’s entire population!) and that 38 million people are actively shopping online, it’s of course, important that your business is present online.SEO Stats: online experiences start with google

Since 82.6% of all the people online use the search engines, it’s important that you have your business listed on search engines if you can’t afford to lose all these potential visitors, especially Google (that’s the dominant of all with a marketing share of 60-75%) as 93% of these many people visit you by clicking your website from Google results.

2. 70% of the online users click on the organic search results

About 70-80% of the users have the tendency to avoid clicking on paid ads and go to click on the organic listings. A paid ad can’t entice people that much as they know it’s part of advertising. When people find the information they need in an organic search, they feel they are on their own terms and not compelled like the paid ads. Organic search works because people feel like they are the ones in control- their own boss!SEO Stats: organic vs paid clicks

3. 60% of the organic clicks go on to the first 3 of the organic results

The first 3 of the organic search results are also called the “Golden Triangle”. A study by Google has depicted that people read the whole title and description of the listings that are part of the Golden Triangle.

SEO Stats: The Golden Triangle

So now, your task is making your site come on the top 3 organic search results. If it is not possible for a certain keyword, go on to the next keyword and focus on it, but make sure the keyword is marketable.

4. Search is the #1 factor driving traffic to your site and it has beaten social media by 300%

Social media strategies are needed as social signals also form part of Google’s processing signals but still, search engines account for the number 1 factor in driving traffic to your website.

5. 73% of the online users don’t go beyond Page 1 of the search engine results

SEO Stats: Get on Page 1 of Google

6. 57% of the B2B (business-to-business) sales have been generated due to the impact of SEO

Even though social media exist, SEO has become the prime factor in driving traffic for B2B websites. So even if you are a business providing products and services for other businesses, it’s also important that you have targeted your business for the right keywords using SEO.

7. 50% of the search queries have 4 words or more

Have you been targeting only with short keywords? Well, it’s time to reconsider that strategy and incorporate long tail keywords. Use the appropriate marketable keyword mix to increase chances of being on top in Google.SEO Stats: Make a strategy focusing on Long Tail Keywords

8. 80 million online users use the mobile search

Make sure your site is optimized for a mobile search. The Google also brought on the Mobilegeddon Update for these reasons. As a study on local searches rightly shows, 78% of local searches via mobile phones result in physical purchases and the remaining resulted in online purchases within a few hours or the next day.SEO Stats: mobile searches are increasing

Another study by BrightLocal found that 50% of the mobile users prefer visiting your site on a browser rather than an app.

9. Local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores physically in a day

Make sure your website is optimized for a local mobile search by adding your location and contact numbers to the Google Business Profile as well as the local directories.local seo is becoming more important in online marketing

Business address/location, along with contact numbers and driving directions are the most sought after information via local searches. Verify your site with Google, so it’s shown on Google Maps.

10. Companies having supporting blogs have 434% more indexed pages.

If you have more indexed pages, chances are that you are likely to get higher leads than your competitor who doesn’t. So make sure blogging and content creation is part of your SEO strategy because right now 81% of the companies consider their blogs as assets.

11. 88% of people conducting a search trust in online reviews

More and more customers rely on online reviews before getting the product or taking the service. Google reviews are the most trusted ones of all. Good reviews on sites like, Yelp, TripAdvisor can boost your rankings and help you get on the top 3 spots on Google.

So make your customers hapy to get positive reviews!reviews impact google rankings

How to take advantage of these SEO Stats?

These SEO Stats point out the power of the searches online with all the numbers. Acknowledging it is one thing but a consistent and competent SEO strategy for improving your site rankings is another.

Put yourself into your customers’ shoes and identify what they really want from the Internet and give them that one.


Maryam Mauthor imagearjan is currently learning digital marketing with Softloom IT Solutions. She is practicing SEO and content marketing. She writes about the latest topics in SEO. In her spare time, she loves to read, watch movies and explore new cuisines and restaurants. You can contact her at LinkedIn or via email at Follow her regular updates on her Twitter profile as well as on her Google+ official page.

What is the best marketing strategy for a small business

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy
Small Scale busines

Here is some useful tips provided for those who are confused on how to implement marketing strategy for your small business. It is most appropriate for small business owners who are curious one the subject matter what is the best marketing strategy for a small business. Follow and understand these tips and develop new strategy in a do it your self (DIY). Because there is no investment at all so no worry about ROI. Can understand when you do the things yourself, all the return are your profit. Go ahead and seed well and enjoy your each reap.

Keep your eyes open to the trends of B2B marketing chances. Always use both of your ears to what your surrounding says, what your user are saying. Reply or effectively communicate with them. In modern marketing, social media marketing is the most effective and highly sensitive. Keep updated with enough info and provide better platform for interactions. Convert each interactions to useful resource to empower for business growth.

If you wish to do your marketing yourself. Conduct some effective research in few area like

1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Social Media Marketing

3) Search Engine Marketing

Content Marketing

Making content marketing as the main foundation power up strategy will be the right choice for growing the visibility, popularity, brand building etc. Initiating the content management with admin profile and spreading the authorship to powerful contributors such as guest bloggers, freelance content writers, freelance bloggers etc will give an extra mark for content marketing. Social media profiles and forums can be used as best resource to spread the posts and content feed created. Once authorship optimization is conducted effectively, the profile building works such as number of circles, social authority, page rank etc to the profile page will be improved. These result are very effective in marketing.

Tips To Enhance Attraction of a Website

Tips to Enhance Attraction of a WebsiteHave you ever analyzed the traffic volume that your professional website enjoys? Unless the bulk of the total number of visitors are from the focused, targeted customer segment – conversion rates would remain low, and your website would remain pretty much unprofitable. There are certain basic things that you need to do, to boost the business appeal of your website to the prospective buyers. In what follows, we would be listing out 10 useful and effective tips to enhance attraction of a website :

Best Tips To Enhance Attraction Of a Website

  • Pay attention to the navigation features – Business visitors are not interested in checking out fancy concealed menus, tabs, and other complicated navigation features on your website. Make sure that they can browse through all the sections of the site with complete ease. This can be achieved by arranging for clear, easily clickable tabs and buttons on the top menu and the side bar. You should also have a functional search box, and a sitemap, in your web design & development plan.

  • Provide valid contact information – The web visitors would definitely prefer the option of being able to get in touch with you. They will contact you if they have any doubts to clarify, or if they wish to establish your business credibility, before buying any product/service. Provide your detailed contact information (the address of your registered office(s)., telephone/mobile nos., fax nos., email addresses., etc.) in easily viewable sections of your website. Contacting you should never be more than a matter of a few clicks!

  • Regularly post fresh, updated content – Stale, outdated web content reeks of a casual, amateurish attitude towards conducting business. Post fresh, unique and really informative content on your pages. Update them at regular intervals (particularly in the blog section of the website). You should also have relevant images, videos and infographics in your overall CMS website design scheme.

  • Have a dedicated testimonials section – Unless a person is able to trust your business operations completely, why should (s)he get into financial transactions with you? Publish the favorable testimonials and reviews, which have been provided by your previous customers – in a dedicated section. They would serve as handy references for the visitors. Do not use fake testimonials, however.

  • Choose an appropriate theme – This has to be done at the very outset of your website development phase. Select a theme for your website, which looks professional, uncluttered, and can be easily associated with your line of business. You also need to choose the best CMS solutions. WordPress themes are the most popular. But tools like Joomla and Drupal also have their fair share of admirers.

  • Have properly organized static pages – A professional website simply must have certain static pages. The pages like ‘About Us’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Disclaimer’ should be there. Unless you have them on your website, people are not likely to view your business to be reliable enough.

  • Do not put up too many flash ads and banners – Such contents will increase the loading time of the web pages. So such animated advertisements might seem to be irritating, to the serious business visitors. Pop-up ads, in particular, are a strict ‘no-no’. Place your ads in a manner that they never hamper the user-experience of the people on your website.

  • Be present on the social media – You need to promote your website through the various popular social media channels. It helps to lend a more dynamic, sophisticated air social media promotion - Tips to Enhance Attraction of a Websiteabout your business. Select the social networking portals on which your business should be represented. Prepare engaging profile pages, and make sure people can easily navigate to your main website from there. Traffic figures would increase manifold. Click here to find out more about social media marketing.


Just go ahead with these tips and Enhance Attraction Of Your Website.

Your website should never have any broken links and/or ‘404 Error’ pages. It will adversely affect the image of the business in the minds of the costumer. The website design services you avail of need to be in accordance with all the latest SEO regulations. Once business visitors start to find your website attractive and reliable enough, you can easily expect more fruitful sales leads.

This article ‘ Tips to Enhance Attraction of a Website ‘ will help you to improve the quality of your website and to increase the traffic to your website.