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SEO Performance 6 Jun

Technical SEO: Important Elements that Affect Website Performance and Ranking

Technical elements of search engine optimisation (SEO) are essential for enhancing website performance and search engine results. Technical SEO entails optimising your website’s technical components to improve its visibility, crawlability, and user experience in general.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the significance of technical SEO, important elements that affect website performance and rankings, and crucial techniques for technical website optimisation.

Technical SEO Tips for Website

Website Speed and Performance:

Website Performance and Ranking

a. Page Loading Speed: Both user experience and SEO depend heavily on website performance. By reducing file sizes, utilising browser caching, and utilising content delivery networks (CDNs), you can increase the speed at which your website loads. The use of tools like Google Page Speed Insights can assist pinpoint places that need work..
b. Mobile-Friendly Design: It is crucial to have a responsive design that adjusts to various screen sizes given the growing use of mobile devices. In addition to enhancing user experience, mobile-friendly websites benefit from higher search engine ranks, particularly with Google’s mobile-first indexing.

Site Structure and Crawling:

a. XML Sitemap: Create an XML sitemap, which serves as a directory of the pages on your website, and submit it to search engines. Search engines are better able to index your pages and comprehend the structure of your site as a result.
b. Robots.txt: To tell search engine crawlers which pages to crawl and which to ignore, optimise your robots.txt file. Make sure that vital pages may be accessed, while blocking any pages with duplicate or irrelevant content.
c. URL Structure: Use URLs that appropriately reflect the content of each page by include descriptive and keyword-rich text. To avoid concerns with duplicate content, properly arrange your URLs and use canonical tags.

Website Security:
a. SSL Certificate: To secure your website and activate HTTPS encryption, install an SSL certificate. Because Google gives priority to secure websites, this not only safeguards user data but also helps websites rank higher in search results.
b. Regular Updates and Patches: To avoid security flaws, keep the software, plugins, and themes on your website up to date. A secure environment for your website is ensured by routinely fixing known vulnerabilities.

Structured Data Markup:

Use structured data markup, such as Schema.org, to give search engines more details about the content of your website. By enabling rich snippets, which show pertinent information right in search results, this can improve search engine results.

User Experience Optimization:
a. Mobile Responsiveness: Create a mobile-friendly version of your website to provide a consistent user experience on a variety of screen sizes. To improve usability, use responsive design, readable fonts, and simple navigation.
b. Clear and Intuitive Navigation: Create a user-friendly website navigation system that makes it simple for people to discover content. To enhance user experience and search engine crawling, use breadcrumbs and internal linking.

A key component of website optimisation that directly affects performance and search engine rankings is technical SEO. You may improve your website’s visibility, crawlability, and overall performance by concentrating on its speed, mobile responsiveness, structure, security, structured data markup, and user experience. By putting these crucial Technical SEO Tips For Website into practise, you can increase your website’s ranking potential while also giving users a flawless experience, which will boost organic traffic and conversion rates.

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Off-Page-SEO-and-Link-Building 1 Jun

Off-Page SEO and High-Quality Backlinks Building

Off-page factors are extremely important in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO) in defining a website’s visibility and authority. Building high-quality backlinks is one of the most important aspects of off-page SEO. In this article, we’ll discuss off-page SEO, its importance for boosting search engine ranks, and methods for creating high-quality backlinks that can increase your website’s authority and organic traffic.

What is Off-Page SEO?


Off-page SEO describes the steps made outside of your website to raise its online exposure and reputation. Off-page SEO emphasises outside elements that affect search engine results whereas on-page SEO concentrates on improving the content and structure of your website. It entails increasing backlinks, participating in social media, getting your company mentioned online, and more.

The Importance of Backlinks


Backlinks are links leading to your website from other websites. Backlinks are seen by search engines as endorsements and as measures of a website’s authority and significance. Your search engine rankings can be greatly impacted by high-quality backlinks, which also increase natural traffic to your website.

How to Create Quality Backlinks

a. Making Linkable Assets and Content: The first step in gaining backlinks is to provide content that is worthwhile and shared. Produce content that speaks to the needs and interests of your target audience that is educational, original, and engaging. As a result, other websites are more likely to link to your material as a useful resource.

b. Guest Blogging and Contributing to Industry Publications: Approach well-known websites in your field and offer to write guest articles or provide informative information. This not only establishes your subject matter expertise but also enables you to incorporate connections within the material to pertinent web pages on your website.
c. Outreach to Influencers and Prominent Bloggers: Find influencers and well-known bloggers in your niche and build relationships with them. Offer exclusive interviews, solicit product reviews, or collaborate on material. This may lead to exposure to their audience and the creation of useful backlinks.

d. Utilise social media tools to publish your material and interact with your audience: Social Media Promotion and material Sharing. Your chances of getting backlinks from other websites grow when people share your material.

e. Online directories and local listings are relevant to your industry or locality: Submit your website to these reliable online directories and local listings. This will increase your web presence and produce beneficial backlinks.

Give Importance for Quality than Quantity

Always keep in mind that quality always beats quantity while developing backlinks. Concentrate on obtaining links from reputable and pertinent websites in your field. A single trustworthy backlink of a high calibre can be more effective than a number of connections of lower calibre.

Monitoring and Evaluating Backlinks

Keep an eye on your backlink profile frequently to make sure it is relevant and of high quality. Use tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or Google Search Console to find any harmful or spammy backlinks. Disavow such links to preserve the credibility of your website and its backlink profile.

An effective SEO plan must include both off-page SEO and the creation of high-quality backlinks. You can improve your website’s authority, visibility, and search engine ranks by being aware of the significance of off-page aspects and using efficient link-building strategies. Recall to concentrate on producing worthwhile content, interact with influencers and trade magazines, and choose quality over number when gaining backlinks.

You may generate a considerable amount of organic traffic and establish your website as an authority presence in your sector with constant effort and a well-rounded off-page SEO strategy.

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Importance of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Local SEO improves a company’s online presence in order to raise visibility and sales. The importance of local SEO in small businesses is it generates traffic and increases trust among customers.

Local SEO improves your ranking in search results like Google Maps and Google My Business.

Importance and benefits of local SEO

The Importance of Local SEO in Small Businesses

  1. Better visibility: It helps small businesses rank highly in local search results, in other words, improves online visibility.
  2. High traffic: It aims to bring local clients who are more likely to become regular clients. Small businesses may see a boost in sales and revenue with local SEO.
  3. Affordable: Local SEO is a more affordable option to reach their target market and compete with their rivals.
  4. Builds Trust: Use of local SEO measures like Google My Business and reviews increase trust.
  5. Customer Happiness: Providing business hours, contact, and directions, helps in improving the customer experience.

Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

  1. Improve your Google My Business listing with precise information, such as your company name, address, phone number, website, and working hours.
  2. Generating good backlinks from local directories and websites.
  3. Encourage clients to post positive reviews on Google My Business and directories.
  4. Use geographically specific keywords in content, meta descriptions, and titles.
  5. Create your content with a local focus.

Local SEO is essential for small businesses to bypass competition with their rivals. Firstly, it improves their sales and business. Secondly, you can reach the target audience easily. Lastly, it helps in building brand awareness.
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Long Tailed Keywords Search Engine Marketing

Long tailed keywords search engine marketing is useful SEO tactics which bring good conversion rates when compared to more demanded short type keywords. There are many important facts connected with the process of long tailed keywords search engine marketing. In long tailed keywords search engine marketing, long tailed keywords are used for optimizing and listing the website pages. So a search engine user who search with long tail keywords will get your website result easily. Long tailed keywords are having many specialties in usage with both on page and off page SEO activities. High conversion rate and easy listing chances are main specializations connected with long tailed keywords search engine marketing.

In SEO, short keywords will be having specialties like high search volume, search engine demand, competition etc. But most of those short end keywords are having very low conversion rates when compared to long tailed keywords. Short tailed keywords may be having more search volume and demand but it will bring a huge number of general audience who all may not be possible potential audience. For example a keyword like SEO is different from SEO service or seo company. Similarly the keyword “SEO company is entirely different from the keyword “SEO company London”. If there is a search demand of 6,600 number for the keyword seo services, it many be from a general audience located in entire united Kingdom. But a keyword seo company London may entered by some audience looking for a seo company situated in a particular location called London. So in conversion phase, the long tailed keyword may convert more organic visits to expected goals than a general audience searching for seo services.

Long tail keywords for Targeted SEO Marketing

Long tailed keywords search engine marketing can be used for getting targeted audience. Possibility of search engine outreach among targeted audience looking for specific services or a service from a specific locality is most attractive specialty of choosing long tailed keywords for seo marketing. For example if a SEO company is looking for customers from a particular location named Northampton, they can optimize their website for keywords like SEO company Northampton, SEO services Northampton or SEO Northampton etc. So that the company website can get right audience who are looking for a SEO company in Northampton location.

Analysis of useful valuating data

Once a website of its services pages are optimized for long tailed keywords, the marketing analysts can regularly analyze the improvements in certain valuating and measuring points such as page authority, domain authority, Google page rank, traffic ranking etc. But it does not ensure that the improvements of these metrics will improve search engine ranking of chances for organic traffic, business conversions. But at the same time it can show the overall improving phases of the website and its optimized service pages.

SEO Tips For Business Website Beginners

3 SEO Tips For Business Website Beginners
Recommended Seo Tips

SEO Tips For Business website Beginners

SEO tips for business website beginners as a professional practice need wide area of knowledge. But its wideness of knowledge needed vary with the nature of projects and competition of keywords. Normally there will not be any benefits for website owners after conducting SEO, if the keywords selected are not useful for business growth, Because there are certain keywords which have more search demand and search volume, But its business conversion rates may be a big zero. It means, there can be more organic visits and traffic hits. If the business query conversion is too less there is no use of those organic visits and traffic generated through search engine optimization. But the same time there can be more long tailed keywords which can bring very less organic traffic but the query conversion will be more.

SEO tips for business website beginners need to understand new SEO tips connected with search engine ranking and its business conversion chances.

Identification of keywords

Keyword research is very important part in SEO. It plays a vital role in entire search engine optimization campaign. Because selecting a wrong keyword can mix up all of your efforts to useless ends. Try to find out competitive keywords with high business chances. You can easily identify keywords with business scope by checking its advertisement CPC value. If the keyword has some cost per click value, definitely there will be good percentage of business conversion possibilities.

Usage of Web Master tools

Currently there are hundreds of websites provide SEO tools such as keyword finding, content checking, meta tag analysis, back link checking, broken link checking, SERP change analysis, visibility audit etc. In research of all of those external resources very less number of SEOs spend more time in web master tools and its resources. Important SEO Tips for business Website beginners is Recently Google has included many useful options in webmaster tools. In 2015 we can expect a different kind of Google web master tools with many options helpful for SEO professionals, SEO tips for business website beginners, Web masters as well as business owners.

By continues analysis of web master tools reports and its hinds related to crawl errors, we can easily identify the bad links and fix it. Web master tools shows a detailed picture of search queries, number of page impressions, clicks, and its detailed list of keywords in which website is gaining search engine ranking, the pages which represents the website for ranking in search results, its average position in SERP etc. Google web master tools can be used as a moc company for conducting effective SEO activities and in achieving good SEO ranking.

Building relation based SEO back links

SEO tips for businees website beginners
SEO tips for businees website beginners

Number three in SEO  tips for business website beginners is Never try to build a back link for your website manually. Just forget about the process of link building. Instead of link building initiate good efforts in building relationships. Boost up more social mentions and confirm that your website is getting good social media presence. Logically implement good content marketing and publishing strategies with high quality and unique content. Just use your brain storming thoughts in building good quality relations.  If you can get 10 relations to your website, understand it will be more beneficial than getting 100 back links. If the relations you achieving are of good quality, understand that those are highly powerful than high page ranked back links. Read maximum articles and thoughts of SEO industry leaders such as Rand Fishkin, Moz,  Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land etc.

Use maximum resources provided by Google. Regularly visit Google webmaster central blog and watch videos published in their help forum. Utilize the free resources like Google analytic, Google base, insights, trends, keyword tools etc for sharpening your SEO practices.

Feel free to add any suggestions and discussions in topic “SEO tips for business website beginners” using the comment response portions in this post page.

Tips To Enhance Attraction of a Website

Tips to Enhance Attraction of a WebsiteHave you ever analyzed the traffic volume that your professional website enjoys? Unless the bulk of the total number of visitors are from the focused, targeted customer segment – conversion rates would remain low, and your website would remain pretty much unprofitable. There are certain basic things that you need to do, to boost the business appeal of your website to the prospective buyers. In what follows, we would be listing out 10 useful and effective tips to enhance attraction of a website :

Best Tips To Enhance Attraction Of a Website

  • Pay attention to the navigation features – Business visitors are not interested in checking out fancy concealed menus, tabs, and other complicated navigation features on your website. Make sure that they can browse through all the sections of the site with complete ease. This can be achieved by arranging for clear, easily clickable tabs and buttons on the top menu and the side bar. You should also have a functional search box, and a sitemap, in your web design & development plan.

  • Provide valid contact information – The web visitors would definitely prefer the option of being able to get in touch with you. They will contact you if they have any doubts to clarify, or if they wish to establish your business credibility, before buying any product/service. Provide your detailed contact information (the address of your registered office(s)., telephone/mobile nos., fax nos., email addresses., etc.) in easily viewable sections of your website. Contacting you should never be more than a matter of a few clicks!

  • Regularly post fresh, updated content – Stale, outdated web content reeks of a casual, amateurish attitude towards conducting business. Post fresh, unique and really informative content on your pages. Update them at regular intervals (particularly in the blog section of the website). You should also have relevant images, videos and infographics in your overall CMS website design scheme.

  • Have a dedicated testimonials section – Unless a person is able to trust your business operations completely, why should (s)he get into financial transactions with you? Publish the favorable testimonials and reviews, which have been provided by your previous customers – in a dedicated section. They would serve as handy references for the visitors. Do not use fake testimonials, however.

  • Choose an appropriate theme – This has to be done at the very outset of your website development phase. Select a theme for your website, which looks professional, uncluttered, and can be easily associated with your line of business. You also need to choose the best CMS solutions. WordPress themes are the most popular. But tools like Joomla and Drupal also have their fair share of admirers.

  • Have properly organized static pages – A professional website simply must have certain static pages. The pages like ‘About Us’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Disclaimer’ should be there. Unless you have them on your website, people are not likely to view your business to be reliable enough.

  • Do not put up too many flash ads and banners – Such contents will increase the loading time of the web pages. So such animated advertisements might seem to be irritating, to the serious business visitors. Pop-up ads, in particular, are a strict ‘no-no’. Place your ads in a manner that they never hamper the user-experience of the people on your website.

  • Be present on the social media – You need to promote your website through the various popular social media channels. It helps to lend a more dynamic, sophisticated air social media promotion - Tips to Enhance Attraction of a Websiteabout your business. Select the social networking portals on which your business should be represented. Prepare engaging profile pages, and make sure people can easily navigate to your main website from there. Traffic figures would increase manifold. Click here to find out more about social media marketing.


Just go ahead with these tips and Enhance Attraction Of Your Website.

Your website should never have any broken links and/or ‘404 Error’ pages. It will adversely affect the image of the business in the minds of the costumer. The website design services you avail of need to be in accordance with all the latest SEO regulations. Once business visitors start to find your website attractive and reliable enough, you can easily expect more fruitful sales leads.

This article ‘ Tips to Enhance Attraction of a Website ‘ will help you to improve the quality of your website and to increase the traffic to your website.

SEO Advice for Dedicated SEOs

Are you a dedicated SEO

seo advice for dedicated seoI asked the same question to me before I think to write this post. Yes I am dedicated SEO. Again I asked second question to myself Are you a successful SEO. This time I wish to say that I am not successful SEO. But I wish to succeed in my SEO works. I am highly dedicated SEO. In my sense I do dedicate or use most of my time in doing SEO. For my client websites, friends websites and blogs, my experimental websites and blog and to my own websites and blog. I know why I am not completely successful in my SEO. It is due to many things. May be it is due do lack of enough knowledge, or may be due to unlucky.   But I am 100% sure that the dedication will not bring success. Dedication is needed but the contributing factors for success are various. You cannot make saline a large amount of water with few gram of salt. Collect maximum salt in order to get a better saline density.

Are you a successful dedicated SEO

Is am a dedicated seo? If your answer is Yes, I wish to check your networks, your project website, wish to analyze its visibility, web presence, keywords, number of organic visits, the competition of prime keywords, demand of those keywords etc. If we choose profile of 10 most successful white hat seos, we can easily find that they all are will be dedicated persons. If we go through each and every websites they brought in search engine listing, we can identify the quantity of work they have done. May be huge planned works to defeat the competing websites.

Why I am not successful

I must say that I was not perfect in all my works. I was not able to complete any campaign with 100 % perfection. So I was not successful. As part of your planned SEO campaign, try to improve realistic chance for satisfaction of the visitor. Focus on qualified traffic queries and work for targeted audience. Better try to achieve visits which can bring some business. For example, If you are optimizing a website of a construction company, your can bring more visits and increase organic traffic by publishing elevation photos, plans, interior designs etc. Or you can publish a blog with tips and guidelines about construction.  And while checking web master tools reports you can see that there thousands of impression on keywords like “construction tips, house elevation etc” Even if you gets a good number of organic visits, there percentage which is converting to business will be too low. So if you are optimizing the website for business queries, you need to focus on qualified traffic queries.

Before starting SEO we need to solve some questions like;

What are the goals of your website and your business

What group are you targeting

Where are they located

What devices are they using

What are their objectives

Can/do their objectives align with your company’s business goals

Do their query terms match your content

Here are some more few tips

seo advice for dedicated seo1) Try to provide good experience in you landing pages.
2) Just imagine how your landing page will be viewed by the visitor
3) Whether you have given proper contact information.
4) Try to achieve good quality score for your landing page.

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Google custom search SEO helpful in web page optimization

Do you know the help done by Google in optimizing a web page? You can understand it by reading the following paragraphs of Google custom search SEO.

This is a question which is very common and not significant to this blog post on how Google custom search SEO helps in search engine optimization.

Do you ever think what you like the most ?

The likes may vary according to each person’s attitude and mentality. When I asked my daughter what she likes mostly in the world, she suddenly answered as Flowers. Few seconds before to her answer, I thought that she will answer as her Father. Then I asked her second choice and her answer was ice cream. It was not her fault that my daughter’s answer was not ‘her father’ and the cause you may understand from the next paragraphs.

I find an answer if somebody ask me about what I like mostly. My first choice my daughter if the question change to most loved one instead of most liked. So the right answer from me is Google when it is about what I like mostly. Don’t ! I do like Google because I genuinely follow Google result for getting right info on any topics. When I was studying in school I used to ask most of my doubts to my teachers. So when I am wired with internet my close teacher or info-choice is Google.

I would like to explain few more usefulness of Google search engine. You can use it as calculator. You can convert any currency value using Google. You can use Google as a calender. And it is the right choice for latest news articles.

For those people belongs to the category of SEO and online marketing can get a lot of useful things from Google.

How Google can be used as a SEO Tool

Recently I read an article wrote by Ann Smarty about Cheat sheet on content ideas. You can use Google as a powerful seo tool for search engine optimization works. I wish to share few of those usefulness of Google search engine below.

Competition of a Keyword or Key Phrase using Google custom search

SEO zoomsFinding competition of a keyword or key phrase is very easy with Google. By performing a google custom search  it can easily saw just beneath the search engine text box. Google search result will show the total number of search results. Here in this screen shot image you can see the total search results found about SEO zooms as About 26,900,000 results.

Analyze volume of periodical Web pages

Google cached pagesUsing Google custom search  you can identify number of pages published on the keyword by other websites. For example it is easy to find web pages cached by Google from all websites during last 1 hour, last 24 hours, during last week, website pages cached by Google during last 1 month and 1 year. Or finding a webpages cached by Google during a particular period can be easily find by Google custom search.

Google search engine give many extra ordinary helps

You know how much helpful is Google search engine ?

If you got doubt in spelling of any words, you can simply Google it. If you have doubt in grammar on the sentence you have made, you can simply Google it. While checking grammar or spelling in a sentence most important thing to remember is the number limit in the words. You can only check a sentence with less than 33 words at time.

A SEO can use Google search engine for keyword research. You can easily identify related terms to a keyword. After getting related keywords you can created more pages or posts connected with those related keywords identified from Google custom search.

Do you know more on any other helpful things provided by Google search engine. Feel free to add them in comments.


SEO Webmaster Tools

SEO Webmaster tools

SEO Webmaster tools are online software available for technically introducing website to search engines. The main SEO webmaster tools available are Google SEO webmaster tools and Bing SEO webmaster tools.

Google introduce Webmaster Tools to the webmasters to improve their site’s interaction both with users and search Engines. By making small modifications in websites we can improve the site’s performance in or organic search results. Google Webmaster Tools will help us to make these modifications.

The reason for Google to publish Webmaster Tools was Google was unable to provide valid and useful search results. Google noticed this problem when the World Trade Center was destroyed Google Was unable to provide a valid search result. As a suggestion from one of their engineers Google released the SEO Webmaster Tools. Releasing the SEO Webmaster tools was successful and Google became the top search engine in the world.

SEO webmaster tools

Once signed up with web master tools website can be added in to the dashboard and complete the verification process. After adding and verifying the website in web master tools, robots.txt file can be prepared according defining any exclusion of files or folders from search engine crawling. The files defined in robots txt file for exclusion will not be followed, crawled, indexed or listed in search engine results.

Adding sitemap is an important step needed in SEO webmaster tools. Search Engine robots can only make familiar about the web pages by adding xml sitemap in web master tools.

Location settings for the website, crawl rate, website page indexing etc can be altered using webmaster tools. For example if once location settings added as United States, the site will preferably listed in google.com (united states) similarly if the location setting is fixed as Saudi Arabia, site will be preferably listed in google.com.sa.

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Best SEO Tips for Advertisement Publishers

Best SEO Tips for Advertisement Publishers

Best SEO Tips for Advertisement Publishers is an article released to give an awareness about search engine optimization. Content enabled internet marketing is today’s trend. After a good investments in publishing website, hiring or deploying its designers, developers, content writers you can not get proper returns, there is no means for blaming visitors and internet. If the source of income for your website or blog is from advertisements, you need to understand few SEO tips. Because it is not the number of visits and clicks alone brings your earnings. Particularly working with Adsense and other similar ads. You need to do get some quality ads with good CPC. Most of the ad providers uses automated scrips which displays ads according to the publishers pages. Once your post or web pages is connected with stuffs which has no advertisement value, there will not be any benefits even if you gets millions of visits and thousands of clicks.  And here is some tips for getting high CPC ads.

How to get high CPC ads in your blog or websiteBest SEO Tips for Advertisement Publishers

First of all you need to find some topic which has good bid rate in advertisement programs. There are several online marketing and keyword research tools are available in internet through which you can easily find keywords with high CPC.

Visits or Traffic from US and UK

You need to get more visits from United States and United Kingdom. So you can optimize your website for getting visits or targeting US or UK visitors. Even you can change regional setting of your website in Google web master tools.

Get more page impression

You need to make a design and develop the content to guide the visitor to other pages of same website. So you will get a compromising CTR rate.

Work for better Google Page Rank

When compared to publishing and optimizing, getting a better Google page rank is huge and heavy task. Web masters need to die hard for getting better Google page ranks like PR5, PR6 and PR7 etc. Getting PR 10/10 is an impossible task and even Google.com the most visited website in the world does not have PR 10/10. You need to write quality content which is highly user friendly in all sense. If you can provide best stuff for your audience and keep the visitor in the page for more time, you can gain more points which contribute better PR. If the visitor coming to your websites interacts by commending, registering, subscribing etc can be adequate for getting good page rank.  Once your webpage is awarded with good PR, CPC of the ads served on your page will automatically improve. So your earnings will also increase due the change in CPC rates.